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A personal friend of ours, Jodie's Cottage Crafts is a small business specialising in making handmade home products delivered to customers in every corner of the UK.

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Our Involvement

We approached Jodie's Cottage Crafts to offer a new approach to how her website works and break out of the restrictions imposed by Wix.

We worked with Jodie 1-1 to offer an in-depth into how WordPress works, install and host it for her small business.

After the base installation was set-up, Jodie felt confident enough in taking on the management and set-up of the style - and has since seen sales via online soar.


Dave , StatsOrb

If I were to describe Crescent Studios in three words, it would be Fast, Easy, and Quality. Fast for the time that they deliver your requested service, working with the customer to get them the product they most want. Easy for the process, no dilly dallying, straight to the point, perfect communication, and no issues after the fact. Quality, as in nothing they deliver is bs. Everything is optimized, the UI is amazing, and the whole service overall is a good quality service. Would definitely recommend working with Crescent Studio for your next project.

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